DOE Hilo-Waiākea Complex Area

Gemini Observatory

Bank of Hawai‘i

Basically Books

Big Island Toyota

Caltech Submillimeter Observatory

Canada-France-Hawai‘i Telescope

Carthage University

Center for Maunakea Stewardship

DeLuz Chevrolet

East Asian Observatory / James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

Franklin Institute Science Museum

Hawai‘i Community College

Hawai‘i Electric Light Company

Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce

Hawai‘i Island Economic Development Board

Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium

Hawai‘i Tribune-Herald

IEI - Indigenous Education Institute

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaiʻi

KTA Superstores

KWXX Radio Station

Maunakea Astronomy Outreach Committee

Maunakea Visitor Information Station

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

NASA Lunar Science Institute

National Center for Earth & Space Science

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

National Radio Astronomy Observatory


Pacific Science Center

Project Astro/Family Astro

Purdue University

Rotary Club of Hilo Bay

Smithsonian Submillimeter Array

Space Telescope Science Institute

Subaru Telescope

Thirty Meter Telescope

UCO Lick Observatory

UH Hilo, College of Pharmacy

UH Hoku Ke‘a and 2.2 Meter Telescopes

UH Institute for Astronomy

United Kingdom Infrared Telescope

University of California - Berkeley

University of California - Los Angeles

University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

University of Hawai'i-Manoa

University of Oregon

W. M. Keck Observatory