A Day in the life of LSST Construction Part 3

This 11 minute slideshow includes 142 images and videos from a single day that show the breadth of work being done and the individuals responsible for construction of LSST. On one day, Thursday, September 14, 2017, everyone working on LSST was encouraged to submit an interesting picture representing their work in order to chronicle the LSST construction effort. We wanted to involve as many people in different parts of the project as possible, including contractors, so the many aspects of LSST construction were documented in addition to the people doing the work. Our goal was to show the full breadth of effort being applied on a typical day in LSST construction. All together we received 142 submissions from 66 people, of A Day in the Life of LSST Construction Part 3. Use policy https://gallery.lsst.org/bp/#/brandguidelines/2206/section/17286

LSST Project / NSF / AURA

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Release date:Oct. 31, 2017
Duration:11 m 00 s
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