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New H-alpha Filter for 'Alopeke

December 27, 2022

While the speckle camera Zorro at Gemini South got its H-alpha filter right before the pandemic temporarily closed science operations in early March 2020, its Gemini North sibling, 'Alopeke, had to wait until October 2022 to get its own. Both instruments now have identical filter sets, allowing for programs to observe the entire sky.

The visiting instruments Zorro and 'Alopeke are available to the entire Gemini community. What H-alpha target would you like to observe at the diffraction limit of a 8m-class telescope? Specifications for the new filter, and all Zorro/'Alopeke filters, can be found here.

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New H-alpha Filter for 'Alopeke

Dr. Nic Scott/NASA Ames