CCD Acquisition Board (CCDACQ)

Updated on June 2, 2021, 7:46 am

CCDACQ User Guide

MNSN-AD-08-0004 CCDACQ Description Rev 1.2

CCDACQ Hardware

MNSN-EL-02-1501 CCDACQ Front Panel Detail Rev 1
MNSN-EL-04-0002 CCDACQ Assembly Rev -B-.
MNSN-EL-04-1002 CCDACQ Fabrication detail Rev -B-
MNSN-EL-04-2002 CCDACQ Schematic Diagram Rev -B1-
MNSN-EL-04-3002 CCDACQ Layout Package Rev -B4-
MNSN-EL-04-4002 CCDACQ Bill of Materials Rev -B2-

CCDACQ Firmware Loader Products

Standard configuration
MNSN-EL-06-0052 CCDACQ CPLD - Cpld Loader Rev 4.10 (ccdAcqCpldV41.jed)
MNSN-EL-06-0068 CCDACQ U68 FPGA - Fpga Loader Rev 4.12 (ccdacqfpgav412.bit)
MNSN-EL-06-0068 CCDACQ U143 FPGA - EEProm Loader Rev 4.12 (ccdacqfpgav412.mcs)

Specific to QUOTA
MNSN-EL-06-0063 CCDACQ U68 FPGA - Fpga Loader Rev 4.95 (ccdacqfpgav495.bit)
MNSN-EL-06-0063 CCDACQ U143 FPGA - EEProm Loader Rev 4.95 (ccdacqfpgav495.mcs)

Transition Boards

MNSN-EL-04-0009 CCDACQ Transition Generic Assembly Rev 1
MNSN-EL-04-0015 CCDACQ Transition QUOTA Assembly Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-04-2009 CCDACQ Transition Generic Schematic Diagram Rev 1
MNSN-EL-04-2015 CCDACQ Transition QUOTA Schematic Diagram Rev -OD-
MNSN-EL-04-3009 CCDACQ Transition Generic Layout Package Rev 1
MNSN-EL-04-3015 CCDACQ Transition QUOTA Layout Package Rev -0D-
MNSN-EL-04-4009 CCDACQ Transition Generic Bill of Materials Rev 2
MNSN-EL-04-4015 CCDACQ Transition QUOTA Bill of Materials Rev 1

CCDACQ Testing Procedure

MNSN-TS-01-0002 CCDACQ Testing Procedures Rev 3.1